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2 reasons why you may not be having great orgams

If sex only leaves you, the lady, disappointed in the end, then it is not at all happening perchance. There are reasons for why you may not be enjoying sex—basically orgasms—to the fullest. So here are the most common reasons why ladies are not at all having mind-blowing orgasms.

You are thinking way too much

Hey, have you heard this phrase: A watch pot never boils? Well, if you have not, then it means that whenever you will pay more attention to something, the work will not happen at all. There are plenty of ladies who think too much when it comes to having sex. And when the time comes of having orgasms, they are just lying there …. Basically, they are not at all having any orgasms at all because they are thinking about it. So the best thing is that you should not think much about sex while intercourse is actually happening; that will doubtless lead the best of results.

Your mind is restive

If you are having too much of thoughts in your head, then the quality of sex will get degraded come what may. So the finest thing that you can imagine is to clear your head of all the woes and worries of life when you are going to bed with one of your free bang buddys. Further, some ladies really solicit advices from their friends when it comes to making the beast with two backs. So the more your head has advices, the more you will plan sex. And, dear lady, sex must never be pre planned.

So here are the top two factors why you may not be having a good time with your fuck buddy (whom you may have met in the real world or in any buddy dating site). If you have liked this post, then do share it with others.

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