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2 Signs Showing That a Guy Is Interested in You

The first few stages of seeing someone can be really romantic. The moments will include you flirting, meeting up and getting excited; likewise, whenever the phone blips, you’ll expect his message—and if it’s his text, you’ll skip a beat. That’s natural. However, all these things look good for some time; and, at one point, you’ll become sceptical that whether this so-called relation is heading in the right direction or not.

We’re aware of the anxiousness that accompanies such a period of undeclared courtships; and for that reason, we’re giving you—the reader—the low-down on the top signs (which are given by a guy) that’ll confirm he’s besotted with you.

Sign number 1:

He’s willing to touch base with you time and again

If a guy keeps messaging or calling you, then the meaning is clear that he’s infatuated with you. For example, if a guy has given you seven missed calls after midnights just because he wanted to hear your voice, it’s very clear that he’s into you. Touching base with you multiple times a day shows that he’s thinking of you all the time. If the things have gone to this level, he may be all set to date you for real.

Sign number 2:

He’s interested in you

If a guy knows about you a lot more than you think he knows or should know, then that guy will be pretty interested in you. If the conversations between you are flirtatious or have a silly element to them, say, after a period of seven months of thorough dating, then he may not be ready or interested in taking the relation any further. Such signals are sent by all those males who like to fuck local girls and who aren’t interested in anything else other than sex. However, if he sprinkles his confabs with questions related to your family, your work or your friends, then that means he’s interested in your answers and in you. So when that’s the case, don’t let this opportunity slip by if you feel that the person is nice at heart.

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