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3 telltale signs that someone has a big crush on you, sweetie

Are you finding it troublesome to tell whether someone is becoming friendlier or flirtier with you? If yes, you’ve just landed on an apt post because, here, we’ll give you three signs that’ll let you know whenever someone is having a big crush on you.
They’re complimenting you way too often

They praise you (not in the obvious ways, though), but they do so all the same. Their complements are usually hidden in their day-to-day confabs. So if the guy is complimenting by saying. ‘Hey, that’s a cool sweatshirt’, you may have to look for hints.

They’ve started noticing little things about you

Not many notice when you get a haircut; but if he’s noticing and even appreciating it, then there’s something going on. If someone is pinpointing such little things in you consistently, it may mean that there’s something way more than friendship is in their head.

You start meeting their gaze often

Have you ever noticed that in a group, you’re been consistently seen by someone? Has it ever happened that you’re just seeing everyone in the group and when your eyes land up on him, he’s already seeing you? If the answer to all these queries is a ‘yes’, he’s have the hots for you, dear lady; and you must do something if he’s a cute lad.

These are the points which we’ve got for you. So keep these points in mind and start knowing the number of secret admirers you’ve got. These points are applicable when you’re a male who’s receiving the attention from another male. After all, the trend of gay fuck buddies is gaining ground.

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