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3 top clues that’ll tell you whether you’re a lesbian or not

Am I a lesbian? Does this question haunt your heart every time when you look in the mirror? Well, if so, then the answer to this lies in your heart. Here’s a simple fact: there isn’t any no-brainer that’ll tell you whether you’re someone who’s comfortable around ladies and who doesn’t enjoy men the way other females do.

We know it may be awkward to ask your friends and family to tell you whether you behave like a lesbian. And that’s exactly why we’ve brought this guide that shares top subtle clues so that you can discover your true orientation. Now without wasting even a single moment, girls and ladies, let’s go through the real deal.

Are you showing a lot of affection towards your best girlfriend?

If you tend to show a bit more affection towards your best girlfriend than the average bear out there, then you may have a thing for her. And you should note that whether you find new ways of feeling your best female friend. If you do, then you may be a gay woman.

Do you behave like an overprotective prick when your bestie isn’t paying attention to you?

We all have a tendency to be very possessive when our best friends start making new friends. Well, you are no different from the rest of us. You’ll feel a splinter of jealously whisperings its way to your heart when you see your best female friend hanging with a new dude or a new dudette; that’s exactly when you’ll feel that this new guy or girl is snatching your best girlfriend from you—it’s when the groove gets ruined. So if you feel similar emotions when one of your best female chum hangs out with other people, then you’re slowly becoming a lesbian fuck buddy.

Are you too much flirtatious with females?

It’s completely all right to have flirty female friends, you know. But what if you’re someone who’s constantly finding a female friend who can give you physical intimacy? Now, when that happens, you may want to sit a spell and think what’s actually attracting you towards that female. In a way, you should work harder than ever to understand your desires.

Now here’s where we’ll end the post, ladies. If you have felt yourself giving these three subtle clues, then you’re a true lesbian. Last but not least, share this piece with your friends if you found it riveting.

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