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These 4 cliches should be known by every lesbian out there

We all use stereotypes; it’s as if we’re enslaved by them. We use these stereotypes to define our judgement and perception of being with gays or lesbians. In this post, however, we’re dealing with lesbian stereotypes. Yes, this post covers the top four clichés on lesbians. So without wasting even a single moment, readers, let’s get started.

Lesbians hate men

No, they don’t hate males. You’ll find a couple of males who may even have a healthful relationship with lesbians. The worst thing happens when a man starts believing that lesbians are trying to steal his lady-love. All men need to hammer home one thing that these ladies aren’t straight — so it’s better for males if they calm their ego.

They can’t do sex

If you’re speaking in a strictly scientific sense, then, yes, it’s impossible for two females to have sex. (You know, they won’t have a penis — and that’s why they can’t do penetration.) However, if you keep that scientific sense aside, then they’ll enjoy sex a lot. Thanks to dildos, the fun from penetration isn’t impossible for two lesbians to experience. Also, lesbian fuck buddies may even rely on oral sex to experience earth-shattering orgasms.

They like having short hair

Yes, you’ll find some lesbians having short hair — but, again, that doesn’t mean that every one of them will boast a cropped haircut. You’ll even find a few lesbians having long curly hair or straight hair. So the bottom line is that the lesbians may look like the way they want to.

Lesbians are in love with sports

Yes, you’ll find two out of every five lesbians enjoying sports — they’re good at it. But, then again, you’ll even find a few of them who like to read books or listen to music. For instance, you may find a lot of art that’s specifically devoted to lesbians. So keep this is mind that lesbians don’t share a specific interest, and they don’t sign up on a specific club.

So, now, you’ve just gone through the topmost clichés on lesbian fuck buddies. If you have a couple more to share with us, then you may drop them below with the help of your comments. And, last but not least, if you have found this post useful, then do share them with others and let everyone know about these stereotypes. Also, do let us know about the different topics that you’d like to read in this space. See you.

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