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4 Lesbian Sex Positions that every lesbian Couples should try at Least Once in Their Lifetime

Choosing right kind of sex position is essential for lesbian buddies to attain maximum sexual pleasure and orgasm. It is important to understand that any sex positions (for heterosexual partners) can work with women who have sex with other women. Some of the penetrative sex between two women requires strap on usage.

Apart from this, lesbian women can make use of oral sex positions to help each other achieve maximum sexual pleasure and multiple orgasms. This blog illustrates different women to women sex positions.

1. Reclining

This position works extremely well for almost any sexual activity between two women engaged in intense local fucks.  One of the women can sit between the legs of the other partner and then effectively finger her. In order to enhance the sexual pleasure, she can make use of vibrators on her partners’ clitoris or inside of her vagina.

This woman women sex position is one of the easiest sex positions for receiving intense orgasm and relaxations. You can try putting pillows under your hips in order to change the angle of your body. This can help your female partner to take a break from focusing on you to pay maximum attention your soft boobs.

2. Spooning

This sex position is appreciated more as cuddling technique than sex position. It is ideal for slow and long sexual activity between two female partners. In this sex positions, you can find lesbian buddies who need to have their legs closed tightly together in order to reach an intense orgasm and sexual pleasure.  This sexual position is all about finding the most pleasurable angle for you and your female sexual buddies.

In order to ensure easy access and intense sexual pleasure, you can raise one leg in the air and have either her or your hold on to it. In addition to this, you can wrap yourself around her legs in order to ensure maximum sexual pleasure.

3. Missionary with strap-on

One of the female partners can make use of strap in order to enjoy missionary sex positions with her female partners. The two partners can take turns on one another. These sex positions ensure maximum sexual intimacy and intense pleasure due to deep penetrations and maximum clitoris stimulations. You can use pillows under their thighs, in order to elevate her little, which generate a specific angle that ensures intense orgasm. In order to protect oneself from any kind of infection, it is important to make use of condoms with the strap-on while intense sexual encounters.

4. Cowgirl sex position

You can try cowgirl sex positions with your female sex partners, in order to enjoy intense and pleasurable sex. In this sex position, one can regulate the speed, angle and stimulation based on their sexual intimacy.

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