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5 Incredible Sex Positions for Lesbian Couples

Lesbian couples can also freshen up your sex life with different sex positions. Right sexual positions can ensure strong clitoral stimulation in both the lesbian partners. By using right sex position, it was reported that a 56% increase in orgasm frequency was reported.

This post briefly discusses some of the favourite sex positions of lesbian fuck buddies that ensure utmost sexual pleasure and intensified orgasm.

1. The double duty

In this sex position, one of the female sexual partners get on all fours and her pelvis tilted up. Other lesbian partner rubs the clitoris against the leg of her sexual partner (the girl who is on all her fours), by kneeling over her calves.

2. Good cop, bad cop sex position

In this lesbian sex position, one of the female kneels right behind her sex female partner. You can provide your kneeling sex partner with a pillow to cushion her head. To enjoy the clitoris stimulation and sexual pleasure, you have to bend her over so her hips are in the air.

You can fuck local girls (lesbian) with a strap on and penetrate her doggy style. If she like, you are also provide her with manual stimulation by using your hand. In this sex position, you can easily switch sides, in order to ensure maximum sexual satisfaction of both the lesbian partners.

3. The Espresso

You have to kneel with your knees intertwined. Also, this steamy sex position is carried out by both the sexual partners facing each other. While making love, both the lesbian partners have to slowly grind against each other’s thighs. These sexual position is known for intensified and multiple orgasms for both the sexual lesbian partners. To fuck local girls (lesbian) by girls in steamy and intense manner, the espresso sexual position is always recommended by sexual experts.

4. The wicked warm up

In this sex position for lesbian couples, one of the girls has to kneel in front of other girl who is standing. Then one of the lesbian fuck buddies (the one who is standing) have her drape one leg over the shoulder of other girl (who is kneeling). The girl who is kneeling goes for oral stimulation of her other sexual partner. Maximum pleasure and sexual satisfaction is associated with this sex position for lesbian couples.

5. The strap on sizzle

This sex position for lesbian couples requires dildo or strap on harness. After gearing up with the straps, one of the lesbian girls penetrates (as male sexual partner) the other girl in missionary sex position. In this sexual position, they let her nipples brush against with every trust.

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