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A list of the classiest and the crappiest words to define yourself online

When it comes to building your social media image, you’ve to be a tad careful in picking your words. That’s because these words will define who you are, and they can even contribute in building your image in front of a prospective fuck buddy from Sheffield or from any other part of the world.

If you’re thinking of venturing out into the exciting world of online adult dating for the first time, we’d like to give you some advices about what all keywords to use for describing yourself. So let’s get started, people.

Words that have a positive impact on the opposite sex

Best words that a man can choose are written below, lads; read them and, most importantly, remember them.

* Physically fit
* Ambitious
* Thoughtful
* Optimistic
* Funny
* Caring
* Passionate

Here’s the list of best words that a lady can pick

* Sweet
* Loving
* Beautiful
* Cute
* Adorable
* Outgoing
* Spontaneous
* Agile
* Hardworking

Now, here are the worst words that both the sexes should avoid while describing themselves online.

* Quiet
* Shy
* Respectful
* Energetic
* Kind
* Modest
* Good listener
* Caring
* Dependable
* Loyal

So that’s it for now, ladies and gents. We’re emphasising that you must pick your words carefully online because they’ll make or break your image. And a prospective bang buddy will always ask you to describe yourself in one word (while you’re chatting with him or her). If at that time you’ll end up uttering any of the words (which according to this post are the worst ones), then your dream of having intercourse with that bombshell or that beefcake will remain a dream forever. For that reason, just keep in mind this post before you’re about to key in the word that’ll describe you aptly. We wish you all the luck, dear reader.

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