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The best one-night stand tips that every girl must know

So you want to have a one-night stand; you want some free bangbuddies with whom you can create a couple of moments that are dipped in syrup of sexual pleasure. Fair enough. But one-night stands do come with a lot of responsibilities; something that’s your dos-and-don’ts list. Here, we are giving you this very list so that you can make the most of the one-night stands.

Ladies, you all should have extra underwear

Hey, what if his jizz falls on your panty; ah, you’ll have a tough time going back home without an underwear. Because of this, you should carry an extra pair of underwear so that you don’t worry whether he throws the liquid of his hosepipe inside you or on you.

Carry condoms; do not assume that he is carrying a sachet

Why do female always assume that only lads will carry a condom pouch. Now, this is your opportunity to impress him and to break the traditions. Show him your boldness and impress him for that one night so that he knows he is not bedding a shy, subservient girl.

Avoid leaving in the wee hours

So you had the sex, and it was great. Now, you get up before the bright gold fills the sky, and you want to leave at that moment without bidding him adieu. But wait! It is not kosher and safe to leave in the wee hours. If you do that, you become more noticeable to the security team of his apartment. That is why it is better to leave at the crack of the dawn.

It will be better if it is your or his apartment

So you have found your hook-up; now, you want to find a place to have sex. First, try for his apartment; if the chances of making out at his home are slim, then try to arrange for your apartment. Last option should be the apartment of a trusted friend. Remember—it is always better to make out in a known place. Avoid hotels and shabby motels.

So you know the tips, now. If, however, you wish to meet root buddies, then you should sign up on any adult-dating site without ado. Play safe, girls! If you have liked reading these tips associated to one-night stand, then share it with others. Hey, do you have some more killer tips that we might have skipped here? If that is the case, drop them in the comments section below.

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