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This is how you can get nude pics from your lover

You know, there’s a totally illegal way of making your lover give you her nude pics; while there’s even a legit way of asking her for her naughty pics. Of course, we’ll just focus on the legit way over here. So without wasting any more moments, let’s get started.

First comes trust, and then the lust

All right, build the trust first. Respect the girl and make sure you’re not at all breaking her trust. So once you’ve gained the trust, focus on lust. Sexting doesn’t come until you’ve gained her trust. And forcing her to sext will never work, come what may. The bottom line — if you want naughty pictures of your girlfriend, just build the trust first.

Do sexting regularly

Ok, so here’s the real deal: Never ever leave sexting once you’ve started doing it. See, girls, too, like this; it’s just that they’re a bit apprehensive about it. But once you seem to be a reliable, loyal boyfriend, you’ll have to engage in sexting regularly. Never lose the touch, to be precise. But before you sext, you should build the mood. If you’re not turning her on, you won’t be able to get her naughty pics.

Know what turns her on

If you don’t know what turns her on, then try finding that out. If you want her naughty pictures, then you’ll have to bring her naughty mindset. Some females are simply turned on by a few dirty texts. So basically your task starts by figuring out her turn-ons.

Build up the scene

If you start by simply and directly asking her for her nude pics, then you’ll look a pervert. That’s why it’s important that you first set a scenario — this may be a slower process and may test your patience, but it’s worth your time and efforts. That’s exactly why it’s better if you set the stage for the super-erotic sexting session in advance.

So you’ve just read a few tips that you have to keep in mind before asking for a naughty picture of your lover. If you follow each of these tips by the book, you’ll surely taste success. Last but not least, if you have a couple of more killer tips to ask for naughty pics from your lover, then do sound off your thoughts in the comments section below. So did you find this post useful? If so, do share it with others and spread the word. Plus, these tips are even applicable for a gay fuck buddy.

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