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This is how you can know whether he’s fallen for you

You’ll stumble upon a few guys who don’t know the art of expressing their love through words. So if you’re having one such guy in your life, these are the tips that’ll let you know whether he’s fallen for you. Let’s read on.

He’s pretty supportive

Nearly everyone in life has goals. So you, too, will have your own set of goals that’ll be very important for you. Now, if the guy helps you build a road map for achieving these goals, then he cares for them just as much as you do. And this is the biggest indicator that the guy loves you a lot. You just have to observe his actions, which will surely speak louder than his words.

He’s super affectionate

Someone who’s super affectionate towards you actually cares for you. Nevertheless, you’ll have to note that there are different varieties of affection out there. For instance, you’ll receive affection from some guys only when they’re interested in having sex with you. These guys want you to be one of their fuck buddys, and that’s that. They can’t be trusted to have a serious, long-term relationship. However, if the guy sticks around and shows his affection to you even when you’re sick or on the rag, then he truly loves you.

He lovingly stares at you

You can judge a guy’s intentions by the way he stares at you. Now, if he’s just ogling your boobs, then you can’t expect things to go beyond the bed. Nevertheless, if the guy gives you doe-eyed stares or if his stares carry a sort of lovely innocence, then he may be interested in beginning a long-term thing with you, lady.

Your folks know him

So if he wants you to introduce him to your family or if he wants to introduce you to his family, then he’s the real deal—he’s totally interested in making you his girlfriend. If you want to be sure whether he’s serious for you, then plan a lunch or dinner with him where you’ll get your parents too. If he agrees to this meeting without any reservations, then he’s interested in dating you. Otherwise, he’s just one of your cool friends or, even, friends with benefits.

Now, here’s where we’ll end the post, girlies. We hope that you’ve found this piece really useful. If you know other such amazing tips that we’ve missed here, then do share them through your comments below.

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