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This is how you can have a one-night stand

Yes, you’re up for casual sex—and that’s so cool. Now, you get an ego boost and feel, kinda, liberated. But having a one-night stand, or engaging in casual sex, isn’t that simple. You may know the concept of one-night stand in theory, but it’s way different when you put into practice.

The theory of one-night stand

It’s simple—you’re into casual sex. You bang a couple of hot fbuddies and that’s that, man. The next day is a fresh day, and you make a fresh start. You forget the girl you banged, and she may even forget you. The words on parting may sound something like, “Thanks for such mind-blowing sex, may we never see each other again!”

When the concept of one-night stand is put into practice

In practice, however, things are a bit different. While in practice, the knowledge of theory may not help you that much. Finding a partner for a one-night stand may be easier said than done; that’s exactly why we’ve brought this guide where we’ll give y’all the ultimate low-down on how should you find the best fuck buddy for making your one-night stand a reality. Without ado, peeps, let’s get down to brass tacks.

The tips that’ll help you find the ideal fuck buddy for casual sex

Be sober, please

While picking your one-night stand partner, you need to be sober. Yes, that’s because you wouldn’t want to bed a female who looks like Annie Wilkes from Misery. When you’re under the influence, you may not be able to judge her from her looks. However, you may be shy when you’re sober, but don’t worry because you’re allowed to have a few drinks just to loosen your tongue a bit. So drink in limit.

Will it be my place or her?

You, like everyone else, will want to know where the sexual magic will begin. So you have to plan in advance if you want the magic to not look tragic. Try going back to your place if you’re allowed to do that. That’ll be the best option because it’s your place, and you know it pretty darn well—you know the kitchen countertop or the study table pretty well just in case you want to have an unconventional sexual episode. Plus, going to a new location for sex might rob you of the confidence to perform well on the bed. Also, if she’s taking you to her place, then you have to make sure that one of your mates knows where you’re going to spend the night. Times are bad, you know.

Respect the lady a lot

One golden rule of a one-night stand: it should be utterly physical and pretty short lived. That’s why this entire concept is so much spectacular. You see, there isn’t any dinner and you even don’t have to buy expensive perfumes or meet her parents—plus, how can you forget the tiring emotional baggage, huh? You just get to escape each of these things with a one-night stand. However, you won’t have to skip the respect part. Yeah, you have to make sure that the lady is getting the respect she needs from you. Whether it’s a one-night stand or a full-time relationship, respect is an essential component to make anything successful.

So here’s where we’ll end the post, peeps. If you found this post about one-night stands interesting, then do share it with all your single mates who’re looking to experience mind-blowing sex just for a single night. If, however, you have a few other killer tips in this regard, then do share them with all of us. We’re all eyes.

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