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The common reasons why girls run whenever you try getting closer to them

You like a girl a lot—and as soon as you tell her to be your date, she runs amok. Well, this thing, or anomaly, happens to even the best of men. That’s exactly why we’ve dedicated this this post to explain the main reasons why women actually pull away from a relationship. Without any further ado, gents, let’s get down to brass tacks now.

The unexpected happens

All right, you may know her for a whole year, but she isn’t ready and isn’t expecting you to be ready for taking the friendship to a whole new level of love and lust. So when she has to face something that she isn’t expecting to happen, her reactions may be unexpected too. And it’s sometimes damn normal for her to freak out because when a relationship happens, the world goes upside down for some time.

Your aggression may be the real reason

Sometimes, male lovers can become too much aggressive. You may become lovey dovey and mushy, and then the things may become bad for her. Actually, the whole business of I-can’t-live-without-you can take a toll on some girls or can be downright overwhelming too. Which is why, we’d say that if you’re aggressive, things won’t work out come what may.

Falling in love may be a big deal for her

Okay, so for some ladies, falling in love is a pretty big deal. If your friend or would-be girlfriend falls in the same category, then you may want to take things very slow. Yes, that’s the key to beginning a powerful relationship with the girl you love—you don’t have to rush with things all right. Let love evolve between you. If, however, you think that you can win her trust and love by confiding your feelings in her, then you’re sadly mistaken.

What happens you don’t give her the time to think?

Well, she’ll run away. It’s as simple as that. Some girls like you and may even want to spend some time with you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d like to be your free bang buddies and would like to be in a full-time relationship with you. In that case, you have to give her the time to make sense of the situation. If, however, you aren’t ready to give her the time she needs to take stock of the reality, then she’ll pull away from you come what may.

So here’s where we’ll end the post, peeps. If you have some other killer tips in this regard that we may haven’t covered in this post, then do drop them as your comments below. Last but not least, if you found this post useful, then do share with other single lads right away.

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