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Your complete guide on the things you shouldn’t say after someone suffers a breakup

Once your friend has suffered a breakup, the person will figuratively drown in a sea of sympathizers — but they’re few empathizers for him. So if you plan to be a sympathizer who’s got tons of advice for your friend, then you ought to read this write-up before opening your mouth.

Why do you have to read this story in the first place?

You may have genuine intentions to let your pal recover from a failed relation, but you may even hurt your chum unintentionally. So you should remain careful in what all you do or say to soothe your friend. Anyway, let’s get to the brass tacks now.

Don’t say that you’ll find someone special someday

You might think that you’re letting him know that someone special is out there, then you may be mistaken. That’s because he may not be interested in all your imaginary castles that you’re building for him. Just understand his predicament — he’s nursing a broken heart, so you needn’t talk about someone special for some time at least.

I always had a feeling that this girl is a douchebag

You say, “I always had a feeling that the girl was doing nothing but using you.” And he may flip the bird at you. You may not know about his understanding levels with his casual sex buddy.

It’s her loss

You’re free, now

So here are some things that you should avoid saying to your friend when his sex buddy in UK has thought of giving him the boot. If you’ve liked this piece, please share and let others know how they may end up hurting their best buddy who’s suffering a heartbreak.

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