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Create your sexual mood with these great movies

We all know what do the movies, which are having a lot of sex in them, do to each one of us; they set our mood to make sweet love to our partners. So if you’re looking forward to spicing up your date night, here’s the list of movies that’ll set your mood in no time.


Yes, this Marvel Entertainment flick has all the reasons to be Rated R. Apart from having the abuses and the terrifying action sequences, there’s a lot of sex in this movie. And each of those sexual scenes is shot perfectly well (and fit well in the script, too) to set you and your shag buddies in a very lustful mood.


If you’re looking forward to watching a movie that’ll experiment with a range of sexual moves, this will be the movie to see. As the name insinuates, this movie has the kinkiest of content; this movie will be the apt choice if you’re looking for sexual scenes that underscore bondage and a similar lifestyle.

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

If you love deadly feuds, voluptuous princesses, and unbridled sex, then you’ll fall in love with this movie. When a princess is crossed with her maid/friend after a long-standing friendship, one took the help of sex to get back to the other one. In this movie, anyone will witness fights, sex and broken kingdoms.


As the name says, this movie is doubtlessly filled with dirty, naughty sex. After a lad saves a damsel in distress, she tries to explain—and even display—her self-diagnosed trendies that prove her to be a nympho. This movie has a lot of sex—much more than you actually wish to see.

So here are the top four films that you must watch while you meet root buddies. These films will put you in the mood to participate in a powerful sexual activity right away.

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