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Cues that’ll let you know whether your bedmate is enjoying your company in the bed

Sex is a secret act, but can it be so much secretive that you don’t even know that your female fuck buddy isn’t enjoying your company while you both are abed? Hmm, it’s quite possible — so you’ll have to ensure that whether your fuck buddy is really enjoying your shaft inside her crevice or is she mercy fucking you?

And the art of knowing this inside info isn’t that difficult; you need to remain pretty observant. That’s it. But your observance level has to be high because her feedback mechanism (in this case) will be subtle. Now no more beating around the bush; here are the cues that she’ll give in the bed.

The different noises that she’ll make

This is the most important cue that female fuckbuddies are likely to offer. If your female bedmate isn’t moaning, she isn’t enjoying much. Also, many a time you’ll feel that these moans have turned into horrific groans — and that’s not a good sign either because it infers that your dick is somehow incorrectly placed inside her.

Note the words that she utters while intercourse takes place

When she enjoys sex with you, she’ll say many words that may indicate her satisfaction level. If she says words such as ‘slower’ or ‘faster’, then you’re on the right track, mister. Just do as she says and she’ll be a happy woman. However, if you ignore her words and keep on banging her, then sex won’t be a fun-filled activity for her.

What expressions does she give?

While you both have sex, just note her eyes. If she’s staring blankly at you, she isn’t liking what you’re doing. If, however, she closes her eyes in ecstasy, then, dear lad, you’re about to satisfy a lady. Don’t ignore her gestures, especially her eyes; that’s because when sex happens, eyes do speak a lot.

So that’s it, peeps. We hope this info was useful to you. If you have some better ways to tell whether your fuckbuddy is enjoying the-wonderful-yet-dirty game with you, do comment below. We’re all eyes.

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