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Dating Buddy to Spice Up Sex Positions For Maximum Pleasure

It may be a little intimidating to spice up the sex positions while being with a dating fuck buddy, but if it helps in making your sex and no string attached relationship better, it’s worth it. So here we will discuss some common sex positions and how you can spice them up with your dating fuck buddy to get more pleasure out of your sexual acts.

Missionary: This most common position is pretty much for everyone. It has the woman’s G-spot just right while offering a solid view to the guy. To spice up this position, have the lady close her legs and draw her knees to the chest. It will tilt her pelvis up, allowing the man to hit her G-spot in a harder way.

Cowgirl: The girl riding the guy while he is laying back is a highly liked position by the friends with benefits. However, it could turn out to be little boring if she has to do all the work for too long. To make this position more exciting, she can just turn around. This way, she will get into the reverse cowgirl position. She can also move her both legs on the same side, riding the horny fuck buddy with her lower half twisted. This position will add to the pleasure of their seductive act.

Legs over shoulders: She keeps her legs on the shoulders of the guy. This provides for the stimulation of her G-spot. To make the act more exciting, have her put both the legs on a single shoulder of dating fuck buddy. Besides providing variation to the position, it will also tighten her up.

Doggy style: Women like this position for the stimulation it provides to G-spot, while the men like it for the view it offers. To add more fun to this style, let the lady put her both legs inside the guy so that his both legs are spread out. This little variation will make her more tight.

Standing up: This is a good position for shower sex or if you are mostly dressed up and want to whip out a quickie. To make the position sexier, turn her around and have her from the front. The lady can hike up a leg and wrap around the horny fuck buddy.

Position 69: The position offers great foreplay. It allows the dating fuckbuddy and the partner pleasure each other. Instead of having the girl on top, roll onto your sides. It offers more pleasure when the partners are relaxing. The swinger can also pick the woman up so that she is upside down. Of course this can last for short time but it will make it more fun to enjoy.

Spooning: This easy sex position allows casual fuck buddies hit her G-spot well. To make it a little spicy, bend her forward at her hips so that it becomes like a relaxed doggy style kind of a thing. This will offer a better angle to the guy to stimulate her G-spot.

There are many more sex positions for hookup dating that you can try to add spice to your sex life. These include the below ones.

Garters up: This allows you to enjoy sex outside of your erotic comfort zone. While he is on the top, the girl should draw her thighs onto the chest and put her legs on his shoulders. This position will allow horny fuck buddy to have deeper penetration and plenty of G spot stimulation.

Half headstand: Enter the girl from behind, and then let her fold forward and touch the floor. Then grab one of her ankles and raise her leg to your side. To the side looker, it will appear as if you are attempting half headstand.

Wheelbarrow: The position is a little tricky but the swing will enjoy the fun trying it. Start with doggy style and let him enter you from behind. Then let him grab your ankles and slowly lift you as he stands. Squeeze your PC muscles in time with his thrusts so that you could enjoy the full climax.

You can try these and many more positions with your horny fuck buddy to have an excellent bed time sex. Hook with casual fuck buddies on buddy dating site to enjoy the sexual pleasure to the maximum.

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