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Do Lads Feel Uncomfortable When They’re Around Gay Men?

We’ve always seen this happening in colleges and in schools that the guys who’re displaying feminine tendencies or who’re showing gay-like behaviours are often sidelined. The key reason behind such, ahem, ostracisation, is that these lads are still exploring themselves; however, the gay has already found his calling and is streets ahead of the rest. Now, let’s read up on the reasons why the straight guys feel uncomfortable when they’re around gays.

Because the girls crave for gays to be their best mates

This gentle guy in the class who’s even topped in arts is a real attraction for all the girls; and that’s the primary bone of contention. This guy has some of the chicest of females as his best bang buddies. This gay calls these girls some names, and they’d giggle in happiness; and all of this will vex you to the core. This person might be a gay fuck buddy to some other man, but right now your lady-love is besotted with the way this guy talks and walks.

Because this guy often has a class of his own

Ok, here’s the deal—we’ll see that nine out of ten gays are head and shoulders above you and the rest of straight lads when it comes to manners and dressing. It’ll be hard to admit, but this guy has a pleasant sense of humour and he can even give you a complex.

However, the solution to all this is that you need to quit being a homophobic; rather, you can befriend the gays even if you’re a straight fuck buddy from Birmingham. If you tell a gay honestly that you’re straight and you’re head over heels for his best female friend, they may play Cupid, too. So don’t fret; just work out that how you can impress the love of your life. That must be your focus.

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