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Do you know something about frexting?

Frexting has become one of the topmost trends to hit the world today. So in this post, we will be giving you the low-down on the reasons why you, too, must do it. We are pretty sure that you all know what sexting is? You have been prolly receiving and sending steamy hot sexts … you may have sent a couple of saucy pictures of yourself so that you can get a hook-up.
Actually, sexting is not at all limited up to getting hook-ups and impressing the potential bedmates only; rather, this phenomenon has gained ground in steady relationships, too. You know, everyone needs to add something new … something fresh … something spicy in an old relation so that it becomes as good as new. Anyway, let us focus on sexting for now; and then we can go to frexting, too.

Sexting—explaining in brief

If you were living under a rock from the time text messages became capable to allow photos to be sent or received, then we will possibly imagine that you may not be having an idea of what sexting really is. So for all those stone-aged folks, sexting is something you do when you are sending naughty, dirty, suggestive text messages as well as pictures to someone. Sexting is chiefly important and useful when anyone wants to find lesbian buddies or gay buddies.

Decoding frexting

Now, we begin with frexting—the phenomena that is trending of late. Whenever you make sexting a bit more personalised and a bit friendlier, you make it frexting. So frexting is when you send a suggestive message (text or picture) to one of your friends and not to those free bang buddys whom you encounter in adult-dating portals.

So that is it for now, readers. We hope that, now, you know something about frexting and will even do it when you will find someone suitable enough. Till then, keep sexting!

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