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Why empathy is important for the growth of a relation

It is quite common to disagree with a person’s views. Whether it is religion, politics or any other silly topic, there is nothing wrong or bad to disagree. Nevertheless, it is equally important to practise empathy. This very quality in individuals lets them build lasting relationships every time. First, let us understand the true meaning of empathy.

Empathy — the true nature

Empathy should never be confused with sympathy; the word ‘sympathy’ means to feel the sorry for someone else’s misfortune while the word ‘empathy’ is to understand one’s feelings. Put simply, if you empathise with someone, you should put yourself in their shoes.

Why is empathy important for letting the relationship grow?

If people could truly empathise in today’s world, the environment would become better and would foster companionship. However, hoping to create worldwide empathy is difficult but not impossible — so why not start by taking one little step. Why do not we empathise with our significant other, our very own horny fuck buddy.

Although she is your fuck buddy, she is a person as well. That is why if you empathise with her, your relationship will probably travel to the next level. So without further ado, let us get started with the reasons why empathy is so important for any relationship to sustain and grow.

Bridging the divide

If you empathise with your partner, you will unlock a fresh level of happiness and peace in your relationship. No matter whether your relationship is serious or casual, you should always be considerate for whatever your partner — experienced or immature — tells you, and then correct the person if she or he is wrong. However, you should not completely reject their opinions.

Practising compassion now and forever

If you see the world through your bedmate’s eyes, you will surely become a more compassionate and understanding person. When you cultivate compassion for your partner, you will easily understand all those things that they have to go through. Further, this will give you a crucial insight into making your world a better place for you, your partner, and even your friends and family members.

Giving her the attention she demands

Once you start empathising your lover, you will shower her with the best attention and love she could ever imagine. Further, if you correctly place yourself in your partner’s shoes, you will even come to know whether you are overdoing your affection and, rather, suffocating her. Whether you are a corporate career lady or a stay-at-home father, empathy will help you become a better person and will improve your relation with your wife, girlfriend or fuck buddy.

So empathy is important and should be practised in a relation. If you have a few other great reasons that underscore the importance of empathy, then let us and our readers know them through your comments below.

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