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Is flirting and cheating the same thing?

Many look at their flirtatious gestures as a harmless way to express themselves. But when committed partners flirt with someone other than the ones they’re dating, then things get complicated. So we tried to dissect this topic through this post. On dissecting, we found that flirting, initially, isn’t cheating—but things, or situations, may change with time and with behaviours.

Everything depends on your intent

The innocence of your flirtatious gestures depends on your objectives. If you intend to have pure fun, the behaviour will be lighthearted and will make you smile. That’s okay. Things become more normal than ever when you’re flirting with someone who’s aware of your relationship. But if you keep thinking and talking to the person for some time, then you’re actually and insidiously taking things to the next level. Now, that can be betrayal if you’re not part of an open relationship.

So, here, the key is honesty. Ask yourself, ‘Do you feel doing much more than flirting with the person? Are you willing to take the person as one of your fuck buddys?’ If your answer is affirmative, then you’re being downright sketchy.

Flirting can be your first step in the wonderfully uncertain world of infidelity

You can’t say that flirting is complete cheating, but it’s just one innocuous step inside the world of infidelity. Many believe that a full-blown betrayal in a relationship comes from ‘harmless flirting’ only. Flirting has it’s own strange way of changing into serious things that may cause issues if you’re committed.

So it’s true that flirting is often a slippery slope . . . a kind of sticky wicket if you or your fuck buddy porn aren’t mindful. You see, one person’s definition for mild flirting may always be the other one’s explanation for pure infidelity. So you should always be careful.

Clear boundaries do the work

If you’re a flirt who happens to be pretty committed, then it’s possible to show your flirtatious behaviour occasionally. All you need to do is define some clear boundaries. Yeah, that’s right. A couple of flirting rules can make a world of difference. Just play by the rules and you’ll be clean every time.

Always remember to never break any of these rules, and you need to be very loud and clear about them. We’re emphasising on these rules because flirting has a large gray area that’s often overlooked by almost everyone.

So we’ve just drawn the difference between infidelity and flirtatiousness to the best of our abilities. If you’re thinking of something that we may have missed, then do drop those ideas in the comment section below.

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