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Fuck buddy or friend with benefits – which one to go for?

Most teenagers and twenty or thirty-something youngsters want just sex without sharing the burden of a serious boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife type of relationship. And the most trending relationships these days are of friends with benefits (FWB) and fuck buddies (FB).

Though most people use both terms interchangeably to imply the same thing, but there are some key differences between a friends with benefits and fuck buddies that we would like to clarify here.

In a friend-with-benefits relationship, both the partners develop some sort of attachment with each-other. The f buddies occasionally hang out of the bedroom and also know a little bit about their personal lives. While with a fuck buddy, there is hardly any interaction except sex, and he will not see you outside of the bedroom.

Keeping the arrangement and moving out of it

There is lot more at stake in your relationship with a friend with benefits than a fuck buddy Wolverhampton. Common friends will catch the wind and pressurize you to turn the friendship into a relationship and if something goes awry, you are literally doomed. On the other hand, you do not owe anything to your f buddies, and can walk away from the arrangement anytime without worrying to clean up the mess.

It would be perfectly normal for you to watch an entire movie with your FWB before hooking up, while this very idea would sound weird to a fuck buddy Wolverhampton. Keep your fuck buddy relationship confined to your bedroom only, anything more than this should be discouraged.

Making a choice

A friend with benefits would ask you how your day was, or did you feel hungry after that great morning sex. While a fuck buddy would ask you how the sex was. While a FWB would know about your siblings, a fuck buddy knows which is your favorite sex position.

The final take: If you wish to have intimate and familiar relationship, a friend with benefits would be the right choice for you. However, if you wish to have sex and none of the fluff, f buddies would be best option for you.

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