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This is how you get rid of that vaginal odour

It is true that you, a female, will not smell like fresh daises every time. You, too, may have your moments where you may not be smelling fresh; in short, you may have moments when your vaginal odour may ruin your confidence and your chances of getting laid with that nearly perfect dude in your office or college. Being smelly in the loins can be embarrassing, and you require the a few remedies to cure that very anomaly. So without any further ado, let us get started.

You should stay hydrated

If your body remains dehydrated all the time, it will be unable to flush out all the body toxins. That is why you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day to ensure that your bod is hydrated all the time. Also, vaginal odour may even be caused because of excess body sugar — and if your body is hydrated, the water will help you remove extra sugar; plus, the content of sugar and water in the body will be balanced.

Focus on hygiene all the time

Perhaps your vaginal smell is because you are not keen to take a shower. You know, sometimes remaining hygienic does all the work. If the mercury is rising, you are sweating — and if you are sweating, your vagina will have an unusually reprehensible odour. And if you keep up with your laziness and refuse to wash yourself properly, then you are seriously inviting an undeniably foul odour for your vagina. The best way of maintaining your vaginal health is to ensure that it remains clean all the time. Note: you will never need any perfume or shower gel — just water and soap will do the trick.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil will have a pungent smell. Nevertheless, this remedy is the gem of all the gems when it comes to wiping any foul vaginal smell whatsoever. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, the tea tree oil is an exceptional remedy for this purpose.

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