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Here’s your guide to asking a girl out via texts

Thanks to the Internet actually, it has become simpler and quicker than before to ask a female out to a date. However, despite such conveniences given to us by humankind, we’re still unable to make the most of every technological dating opportunity delivered to us. For this reason, we’re writing this post for all those guys who want to see a “Yes” in their text message as soon as they ask a girl for a romantic outing. So without any more delay, let’s get going.

Your opening should be very strong

Don’t ever send her a plain message saying, “Hey”. You’re better than that—be witty and quick. If you want her to be one of your UK fuckbuddies, then you must be having numerous conversations inside you. So fetch an interesting conversation starter in your text message. Remember: If you send just a simple one-word text, you’ll get a one word-reply only; that, too, when you’re lucky.

The textual confabs that begin with just odd greetings, such as “hey”, are boring and kill time. So it’s better if you can start with a killer opener. You can ask her that whether she has watched this particular movie that has broken all the records; you can even start to mention something weird or funny that’s happened to you. Do whatever you can to put your creative juices to write the message that can get the ball rolling.

What’s up with the mood

You need to sense her mood. Drop a text that’s got a strong opening and notice how she replies. If her reply is cold and she’s sounding a bit sullen, then it’s apt to abort the mission. Maybe she has had an argument with her mother or someone else, so you should pay heed.

And if you’re quite gung-ho and keep on dragging the confab through texts despite sensing her odd replies, then you’ll be a fool to expect that she’ll be ready to go out with you. While asking someone out, the only thing that matters is timing. So you should be attentive and receptive at the same time.

Let the conversation flow

Her third reply is a reason for you to rejoice. But remember that you’ll have to do everything possible to make this conversation going. If she’s a chatterbox, then you won’t have any problems whatsoever. If, however, she’s a bit reserved, then carrying the confab through texts will doubtlessly be challenging.

So you have to do a bit of research work before. See what she likes and steer the conversation around those topics. Maybe you can pique her interest and maybe you can get a date with her easily. But you must be willing to put in the hard work.

So that’s it, people. By following these tips, you’ll become a likeable mature fuck buddy. If you have some better ideas, then do drop them as comments below. We and our readers are all eyes. Ciao.

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