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How to Make Her Experience the Best Oral Sex

If you’re interested in some hard facts that are related to sex, here they are—you’d be surprised to learn that females, ranging from 30 to 50 per cent, don’t achieve satisfactory orgasms through penetration alone. Also, the total number of females who can come during a sexual episode is really very low.
So all these facts implies that the female bedmate with whom you’re right now can rightfully expect you to give her great head. Because of that, oral sex has now become very prominent in today’s sex life.

Put simply, oral sex is something that’s way more than lip service. Largely, men don’t give their female bedmates cunnilingus; however, if you really want to find bang buddies who’re truly bombshells, you need to be a bit more open to let your tongue do the talking in her nether regions. For that reason, we’re (through this post) sharing some really worthy points that can help you to perform satisfactory oral sex.

Hygiene is always important

Every lady has a smell of her own down there, so it’s better if you can advise you female bedmate to practise proper oral hygiene before cunnilingus begins. And if, however, you’re planning to persuade her to give you a blow job, you’ll have to practise similar hygienic levels. That’s because if a partner’s nether regions smells like turd, none would want to perform oral sex.

Patience is the key

Many of those who’ve already let their tongues do the needful while having sex will vouch for patience as the key to success during cunnilingus. You’ll literally need to dig your face in her loins and let your tongue negotiate the fleshy vaginal tracks. And, mind you, this process can take some minutes, so be patient…keep doing it until she starts emitting those pleasure-filled moans.

So here’s all that is worth knowing. Keep visiting this space for more rad tips on sex and other related topics. Till then we’d wish you to meet root buddies that can make your nights dipped in the syrup of pleasure. Was that too literary? Never mind it. Ciao.

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