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Lesbian Sex Positions That Will Blow Your Mind!

Lesbian women who do not orgasm during sex could benefits by exploring different sex positions until they find one that allows direct stimulation of their sacred spot.  Different types of lesbian-specific sex positions for female orgasm are mentioned and discussed below.

* Reclining

You should lie down on your back in this sex position. In order to enhance the sexual pleasure, you can prop yourself up with some comfortable pillow. This sex position works well for almost any activity that lesbian couples can think of.  It is ideal sex position for receiving maximum sexual pleasure and multiple orgasms. Your lesbian fuckbuddies can crawl between your legs and focus all her sexual attention on you.

* Spooning

It is considered as cuddling technique more than sex position. If like slow, intense and long sexual encounters with your lesbian sex partner then spooning is right sex position for you and your partner. This sex position allows lesbian women to get their sensual muscles tense and nice. Strong stimulation by their lesbian partners has helped them to ensure multiple orgasms. Some lesbian women need to have their sexy legs closed together in this sex position to reach orgasm.

This sex position is ideal if you are looking for lesbian fuck buddies who like to find the most enjoyable angle for them.

* Sitting

This sex position is a really comfortable position for (giving) lesbian sex partner.  It is one of the best sex positions for lesbian woman who tend to take a while to orgasm. In this sex position, these women do not have to worry about their lesbian buddies getting tired or uncomfortable. These women can focus their attention on feeling sexual pleased in this sex position.

Woman can lie back all the way, or prop up on some pillows, if she is on the bed while during sex in this sex position with her lesbian sex partner. Based on the convenience of their sexual partner, she can even rest both or one legs on the shoulder of her female sex partner.

* Kneeling reach-around

This sex position closely imitates the best angle one can probably use when they masturbate. So, this sex position is bound to feel great with your female sex partner. For lesbian couples, it can be very intense and passionate in this sex position.

* Weak in the knees

It is considered as one of the best and sexy sex position for female-female sexual interactions.  One partner can control the pressure of stimulation by pulling her body away or pressing down.  This sex position is easy to the giving female partner in this sex position.  Orgasms in this sex position can feel super intense. This sex position will bring a whole new world and meaning to “weak in the knees”!.

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