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Make your anger a passionate rage that’ll fuel your next bed date

You’ve just happened to have an argument (on phone or via text messages) with your bedmate, but you were scheduled to meet her this evening. However, she hasn’t called off the date yet, and neither have you. Now what? At this juncture, we’d say that you can still let your anger drive your passion, which will finally culminate in steamy sex! Yee-haw! Yes, let’s get started, now.

Let your anger arouse you and her

The adrenaline rush that most of us experience while arguing with our fuck buddy London can be easily steered to sex. The adrenaline that we get during the argument is akin to what we experience during sex. When the argument is at its peak, you can tug her towards you and give her a passionate kiss—the rest will follow!

Go slow

Yup, that’s true. Just because you’re mad at her doesn’t mean you’ll rip her bra and perform some kind of BDSM. Rather, you’ve to go with the moment; try to kiss her, stoke her hands and back and do foreplay. Note that how much responsive is she to whatever you do. If she isn’t responsive, just drop the plan.

Don’t overdo it

Angry sex can be a great opportunity to somehow impress your fuck buddy Cambridge. Nevertheless, if you’ll overdo the sex, you’ll end up looking downright pervert. So remember of not overdoing it ever.

Now with all these points, you know how to turn a sour moment into a passionate one. However, you’ve to remember that never ever use any harsh words for your bedmate. If, however, your argument has turned the air blue, the chances are less for both of you to waltz ever again in the bed.

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