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Why are men so obsessed to sext dick selfies

As a female, you may be confused when your boyfriend, husband, or casual dater keeps sending you his dick’s selfie. Now, what’re you supposed to do once you receive that sext, huh? If you’re grappling with similar issues, then this post is the thing to read right now.

To start with, we’ll say that men feel pretty proud of themselves if someone—especially, females—actually appreciates their manhood. Now, without any further ado, let’s dive in and learn the other factors that motivate males to sext their dick selfies.

Dick selfies are horny, period!

Your man may think that you go batshit whenever you get a glimpse of his dick. That is, your partner may sext you his manhood’s picture thinking that it’ll arouse you. When your man sends you the image of his stiff dick, then he may want you to carry forward the conversation and have fun with him. So if it’s your boyfriend who’s sending you such sexual images and if you’re okay with this very thing, then you should go ahead and carry on the confab. It’s just a way of having fun, you know.

He thinks you’ll use the pic.

All right, so lady, your man may believe that you’ll use his picture to masturbate. So that’s precisely why he may be sending you his sexually explicit images ever so often, but don’t worry. You needn’t use these images just because he has sent you; it’s your prerogative.

The size of his manhood is a really big thing for him.

Now, this is what we discussed initially. A man is very concerned about the size of his little soldier. And when he’s sending you his penis’s image, he expects you to appreciate its size and girth. To be precise, he wants you to be in awe after watching the selfie. So if you’re doing that, you’re making him feel secured, satisfied, and happy. Males—whether they’re matured adults, young adults, or teenagers—are so possessive about the size of their dicks. (Yes, even teenagers who just want to fuck local girls care a lot about how their dicks appear to their bedmates.)

So, now, after reading this write-up, you’ll know a thing or two about why your man may be sending you his dick’s pictures in the dead of night. If you find him a mature fuck buddy who’s good in bed, then you should bear with such shenanigans for some time. Otherwise, let him know his limits so that he won’t do this stuff in future.

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