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Your perfect guide to giving your lady great head

The Internet is teeming with articles that lay out the tricks and tips to give blowjobs properly. But there’s a dearth of articles explaining how to give great head to females. So here’s one post that’ll decode the art of going down on women like an ace.

Shower her with compliments and honour her with foreplay

If you think of pulling her pants off and just going for the main course, then it’ll not make any sense. (Actually, it might make sense for you but not for her.) She wants more. She won’t say that every time, but you have to understand this simple fact. So you can satisfy her to the best of your limits by complimenting her and gifting her the best foreplay sessions before sex happens.

Run your tongue near her inner thighs, press her boobs, smooch her, kiss her navel—all these things go a long way in making the upcoming sex session one of the finest things for her. And while doing your foreplay deeds, you’ll have to compliment her for her hair and her body’s unique fragrance.

Communicate with her

Your wish of giving great head to her starts with communication. You should communicate with your partner to the best of your abilities. Just licking her vagina won’t help because every vagina is different. Of course, there’s a set of basic rules, but even then you’ll have to inquire her desires. Some women don’t want you to give them a blowjob, so just make sure that she’s okay with everything that you’re planning.

Now, if you feel that she’s shy about discussing such things with you, then make her feel comfortable. (Comfort is everything when you have to find a fuck buddy and give her the best blowjob.)

So that’s it, people. We hope that this write-up has given you the best scoop on how to give your female fuck buddy the best blowjob. These tips can be followed by the book by a lesbian fuck buddy, too.

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