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Rules that both fuck buddies must follow to have a NSA fun

Finding a fuck buddy in Lincoln is very easy with a perfect fuck buddy website. When it comes to meeting fuck buddies for sex, there are some rules that both fuck buddies need to follow. Of course! Fuck buddies meet only for sex, yet there are some rules both partners need to follow to avoid contradictions. These include:

* Frist of all, say no to cuddling, you are going to have sex not love. Kick all emotions and share the bed openly.

* You are not bound to have sex. If not comfortable, don’t make it necessary as both of you are free to decide.

* Don’t ask each other emotional questions showing feeling for each other. Simply share the bed and explore your sexual fantasies and forget the incident.

* After a successful sexual intercourse there is no need to stay over. Your purpose has been solved. Simply leave the room and go your separate way.

* Always remember that sex with fuck buddies is a physical thing not an emotional one. Don’t mix sex with emotions. It will definitely hurt you.

* Sex is all about fun and fantasy. If you are missing both these things, you better find a new fuck buddy. Say no to existing fuck buddy and move to another without wasting your time and energy.

* Do not expect anything else than sex as it is not purpose of your meeting.  If you expect anything else, you are missing everything.

* Once things are over, don’t call your fuck buddy on phone the next day. And don’t feel jealous at all.

* If your fuck buddy has any acquaintance to you, keep personal issues aside and remember fuck buddies are here for just sex.

* Go well bathed and groomed. Be completely hygienic to avoid any disinterest.

* Take your NSA sex meeting as an agreement not a long term relationship. Here two people are getting together to get something done.

* Don’t lie when you want to hook up with a fuck buddy in Lincoln. Go further if you feel the desire to have sex so that your fuck buddy can fulfill your needs.

* Always be careful and use means of protection to avoid any possible embarrassing diseases.

* If you see your fuck buddy in public, refrain from trying to speak to each other.

* It is a private affair; don’t disclose the name of your fuck buddy to anyone.

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