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How to Sexually Satisfy Your Women in Bed?

Without a deep understanding of what makes your women turned on, it is very difficult for you to sexually satisfy your women in bed even with some of the best sex techniques and positions. Most of the men in the UK don’t take the time to figure out what it is that their women really want for sexual encounters. It is important to take time out and ask your women about things that turn them on. You should find fun, creative and interesting ways to make these things come alive.

Focus on her boobs

Most of the men forget to stimulate the breast and nipples of their woman during sex. It is important to take time during sex to stimulate the nipples and boobs of your women. You can use your hands or tongue to act crazy.  During sex, you can still maintain contact with her soft and lofty pairs of boobs and squeeze them mildly, to make sure that she gets to a faster and bigger orgasm.

Find and tickle her g-spot

In order to satisfy your casual date on the bed, it is important to find her g-spot and tickle her spot effectively through oral or penetrative sex. One of the best sex positions to explore g-spot is doggy style sex position.

Give her oral pleasure

Most of the women around the world love men who give them intensive oral pleasure before and after sex. It is important that you move into the private area gently and softly, to give her intense sexual pleasure without having penetrative sex.

Keep sex interesting

In order to satisfy your shag buddies in bed, it is important to experiment with sex positions to make sex interesting. There is much more than just missionary position for sex with your buddy. You should not be too eager to try new positions in rapid succession. If you change sex position too frequently, she will never have the chance to get turned on by repetitive rhythm just like men.

Explore different sex positions

It is important to explore different sex positions in order to sexually satisfy your woman in bed. By trying out different sex positions, you can understand which sex positions turn on maximum. Some of the favorite sex positions of women in the UK are the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl sex position. These sex positions ensure deep penetration and woman can control the angle, deep and speed of penetration as per her convenience.

Let her have intense and multiple orgasms

Most of the women around the world don’t have an orgasm from penetrative sex alone. So, when you find a root tonight, it is important that you manually stimulate her clitoris while you penetrate her. This will ensure that she experience one of the best orgasms of her life.

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