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This is how you tame a boyfriend who’s hooked on video games

Video games and men are nearly inseparable. Apart from entertainment, these games provide an ad hoc escape from the harsh realities. But the problem comes when your gamer boyfriend spends too much with the console; his addiction is harming the relationship that you both once shared and cherished. That’s why we’ve written this post where we’ll give you some tips that’ll let you know the art of managing game-addicted partners. After reading these tips, we can assure you that you’ll put aside your plans to ditch him and meet a new local fuck buddy.

Let’s talk

Talking really helps, so this should be your first step in letting him know about how you feel about his affair with the games. While talking with him, you should be calm because it’s absolutely pointless to shout at him. Don’t nag unless you really want to make the discussion an argument. You should make sure that your discussion doesn’t show your distaste for his games; rather, your discussion should completely focus on how little time you both are spending.

Distract him

You should do this in baby steps. Hiding his game or selling his console isn’t a good idea at all. In place of all this, you could introduce him to those activities where you both can equally enjoy. For example, if he likes Assassin’s Creed, then you both should go running and do other strength-building exercises together. Or if he enjoys first-person shooter games, then you both should play airsoft, laser tag, or paintball. By doing so, you’ll surely take your partner out of the gamer’s zone and will spend some quality time together.

Mutually beneficial agreements

Try to reach an agreement that’s mutually beneficial. It’s inhumane to expect him to kill this habit overnight, and it’s not good to expect him to go cold turkey on his video games. So have an agreement that’s liked by both of you. It’s better if you both prepare a schedule that lets you give him time to his video games and your relationship. If the agreement is reasonable and fair, you’ll love giving him time for playing his video games and he’ll love spending time with you.

We’ve noted that many relationships that started as casual dating in Lincoln and bloomed into long-term ones are actually getting affected by this gaming phenomenon. So, now, you really know the ways by which you should deal with such a situation in case you face it. Let the game begin.

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