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That’s How You Can Let Your Crush Come Talk To You

Most of the times, we’re just darn too shy to even say hello to that one person for whom you have your schoolgirl-like crush. Nevertheless, the feeling of talking to your crush is so much awesome. So do you really want to know how that can happen without you saying a word? Well, if that’s the case, then read on.

However, we’d just like to state one simple fact—practising this stuff isn’t that simple because you never know your crush can even be a shy guy. You know, your crush isn’t any of those local horny f buddies who’ll be eager to talk to you; he may be a shy person.

That’s precisely why you must have a group of some special methods that’ll let him come and talk to you. So without wasting any more of your precious time, ladies, let’s get started with this.

What to do when you and your crush have an eye contact?

Wave at him

Whenever you look at him, you got to wave. You know, that won’t be similar to stopping and talking with him. Instead, it’ll be just like seeing him and waving without making him feel that you need to talk.

And the best part is that this thing will take just a second or two; plus, by doing this, you’ll be greeting him—and greeting is always a good thing to do.

Make eye contact

This is one good thing to do, but you should have confidence in making eye contact. And don’t discount the possibility that your crush can be nervous as well. But if you really want to have a relationship with him, you need to make the eye contact. Just put your shyness on the back burner for a while. And we’re telling you that all of this will be worth your effort.

If, however, you’re not making an eye contact, you’re eventually losing that one opportunity of making him feel that you’re kinda interested in him.

Pass a smile

Now, this thing comes right after you’ve made an eye contact with the person. Once he sees you watching him, you can pass a smile at least. Of course, what better can you do? Nada. You need to give him your best and the most genuine smile. And such a smile really works wonders if your crush is shy.

A shy guy will feel intimidated if anyone keeps looking at him for a long time—but if that eye contact is mixed with a smile, then it’ll definitely ease his nerves a bit. Best of all, if you’d want a guy to talk to you, then you have to show that you’re happy seeing him. And what can convey your happiness in the best possible way? A smile, for sure. A smile will show that you’re happy, and that’ll give a big boost to the guy’s inner confidence.

Wave him to come to you

So there can be a few lucky days when you’re feeling a bit braver than ever. On those days, you have to make sure that you wave your crush to come over. However, before doing that, you have to ensure that what’ll you discuss with him. See, it’s not good if you just shoot the shit just like that—everything has to be planned if you’re serious about this fella.

Which is why, it makes sense to have a topic of discussion at the ready. That way, you’re not exactly going up to him but you’re still taking that big initiative to have a word with him.

Be loud enough so that he can overhear you

Do you have a really interesting piece of news that your crush might be interested to know? If so, you need to find your crush and take your band of friends near him. Once that’s done, you need to talk about that interesting stuff with your band in a particularly high-pitched tone so that he can overhear you.

If he’s really interested in that dope you’re sharing with your folks, he’ll come over and join your group to get the info. Mission accomplished.

And, yeah, for the record, whatever tactics we’re mentioning over here don’t exactly apply if you want to get the attention of free bang buddies. (It’s a totally different ball game.) So did you find this piece interesting? If so, you should get ahead and share it with all your girlfriends who may be having a tough time wooing their respective crushes.

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