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That’s how you improve your semen volume

Is a teaspoon not enough? Well, yes, we’re talking about semen. On average, the male ejaculates semen that covers nearly half a teaspoon; this can be almost three to five millilitres. However, that’s the diametrical opposite to the semen’s nickname “load”. And that’s certainly not what we’re used to seeing in skin flicks.

The semen volume can be at its best when your age is between 30 and 35 years. However, it reaches an all-time low when you’re nearing 55 years. Because of this, many men are fervently searching for fresh answers about the number of ways for enhancing the semen’s production. Well, the search is over because this post carries all the well-kept secrets that’ll help you improve your semen volume. So without any further delay, peeps, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Don’t take any sperm supplements

In your quest to improve your semen’s volume, you should avoid taking any supplements. There’s little to no scientific evidence for supporting the claims made by different companies selling such products. Just rest assured to get nothing but an empty wallet if you keep buying such supplements every now and then.

Try PC exercises    

If you wish to shoot an amazing load every time you do sex with someone whom you found at a casual dating site in the UK, then strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These are the same ones that help you stop the flow of your urine for some time when you can’t find a washroom or a way to excuse yourself from somewhere. So, basically, you’ll have to flex these muscles and that’ll surely improve the flow of the blood to your penis.

Smoking kills your semen volume

You shouldn’t smoke—yes, everyone can agree that this thing is pretty bad for your lungs, but it’s even subtly killing your semen volume. Smoking isn’t only related to lung cancer; it can even reduce the ability of the body to fight semen-crushing enemies. And there’ve been countless studies that show how smoking can actually make you infertile and can diminish the quality of your sperm.

So here’s where we’ll end the post, people. If you found this write-up amazing or interesting in any way, then do share it with all of your friends who’re looking forward to improving their load volume. Or if you have a couple of other similar tips that we might’ve missed over here, then do drop your thoughts as comments below. Ciao.

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