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That’s how you slow the game of sex so that everyone enjoys

You’re a female who always misses out orgasms just because your partner had his early. That happens with nearly every female, so don’t think that you’re alone. That’s what we like referring to as the ‘orgasm gap’. Now, you and your partner should do everything possible to really slow down sex so that you both enjoy to the fullest. But before knowing the art of slowing sex, you ought to know some hard-hitting figures.

The figures say . . .

* It takes close to five minutes for males to finish intercourse, but females take close to 18 minutes to reach orgasms.
* Nearly 74 per cent of males achieve orgasm during intercourse, but only 30 per cent of females achieve orgasms while sex is underway.
* Men think an ideal sex session should last anywhere between 35 and 40 minutes; while females crave for a power-packed sex session that lasts for 15 minutes.

So that’s surely an orgasms gap which needs to be covered, so here are the tips for covering that gap and improving the quality of sex.

Tips to improve sex and bridge the yawning orgasm gap

Slowing your foreplay session goes a long way

To slow down sex means to slow down foreplay sessions. Enjoy the session rather than rushing through it because if you’ll do foreplay faster than what’s advisable, then you’re ending up ruining the sexual episode for yourself and your partner. So if he caresses your boobs, you should stroke his equipment. That’s exactly how things work in this world, baby. And while beginning the foreplay session, never go for his dick—that, actually, will make you look like a pervert. So it’s better if you start with rubbing his temples or caress his inner thighs.

Brain is everything

Sex is a mind game that involves bodies. So if your strong up there, you won’t go weak in the loins. You should calm your mind at the very moment; your mind should think of ways of gaining the finest pleasure from sex, and it shouldn’t focus on performance. You brain has the ability to focus and fantasise, so unlock its full potential in the bed also.

So in the end, sex is all about experience—craft the finest sexual experience. If you’ve liked this tip, share it. And if you want to read more of such tips, then you should trust this buddy dating site.

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