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The Art of Remaining Unaffected in a Sexual Relationship

Caring way too much than it’s required can smother a relation easily and quickly. If you’re in a sexual relation, you must know the art of being unaffected and not giving a damn, come what may.
However, this art is really hard to practise; for this reason, we’ve framed this guide that can help you to always remain carefree with your casual fuck buddy. After all, the relation has to be casual, right? Yup that’s right—if a casual sexual relation is polluted by words (and feelings, too) such as ‘care’ and ‘love’, you can’t expect this association to last long.

Training your brain to not care about your fuck buddies

Realise that everyone is here to judge

Try hard to not be judgmental. Now, you must’ve focused that we’ve emphasized on the word ‘try’ because we know that it won’t be a cakewalk for you. We all judge because it’s in our nature; being judgmental is something that is present in our genetic makeup. Now, that means if your significant other isn’t free tonight, it doesn’t give you the licence to draw conclusions.

Stop thinking about your importance

If we’re in a relation, we’ve got the tendency to think that we’re so important for the person (even if the relation is a casual one). That may or may not be the case; however, we mustn’t harbour an inflated sense of view for our own self. It’s incorrect because if we’ll keep on thinking about our importance, we’ll become attached; and when something doesn’t go the way we’d expected it to go, then we’d start to feel the pinch.

Honesty is always the best policy

Being dishonest is one of the most dangerous traps that we all are liable to fall into whenever we’re in a relation—whether it’s a serious one or it’s a no-strings-attached one. If you don’t like something about your fuck buddies, just tell them on their face—there’s no point of beating around the bush. However, you mustn’t be blatant while uttering the truth; that is, you’ve to ensure that the even if the truth is bitter, it doesn’t hurt that much.

So these are the three of the many points that you must be aware of whenever you’re thinking of not letting your sexual relation become an emotional roller coaster.

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