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The Sweetest of Things to Whisper Your Male Significant Other in the Bed

We agree that a touch is like electricity, but sensual words can act like a melodious flow of a stream. Arousal partially depends on touching; the other half, however, is activated by words. With your sensual words, you can make your male fuck buddy in Nottingham really go weak at the knees and also somewhere in the groin.

We bet you, too, want to know what all to whisper to him before making love. For that reason, here’s the post that’ll give you the low-down on the sweet nothings that you must whisper to your male bedmate.

Who says that bedroom talks are embarrassing?

These talks must be sensual and filled with a pinch of lust, and that should be embarrassing only when your boyfriend is a pretentious halfwit. For men, it’ll be nice to know that there a plenty of ladies who’ll be turned on by derogatory terms such as ‘slut’, ‘bitch’ or ‘whore’. However, the same doesn’t hold water with the gents. You’ve to be careful while you’re using words to refer to your male bedmate. (You can use words such as ‘love’, ‘dear’ and ‘my hero’.)

Now, here are the lines that can really arouse him. (Some of these lines can even be said while you’re about to approach the climax.)

* I’m all yours, love, just come in me…I’m all yours.
* I want to taste your lips because they look so sodding luscious. Let my lips borrow some of the redness from your lips.
* Oh, Lord, oh, dear love, fuck me…fuck me till the end of time. It feels so good…it feels so heavenly.
* I’m in love with myself whenever I get snugged down amongst your strong arms.
* I want you to touch me where you think I’ll enjoy the most.

So that’s it for now. We really hope that this post has shared some tips that’ll make your nocturnal adventures more memorable.

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