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The three essentials that your next friend with benefits needs to know

Oh, you ended up with a rookie bedmate. Having a naïve fuck buddy can be a trifle complicated. Of course, it’s fun but a bit risky as well. To enjoy fully the passionate moments, you’ve to bring down the level of risks first; in short, you’ve to train your fuck buddy first. Here, we’ve compiled a couple of points that’ll help you to train your neophyte friend with benefits. Read on!

Teach the basic positions

The neophyte wants to discover new pleasure-seeking methods, and the person wishes to give shape to the darkest and the most erotic sexual fantasies. Now, it’s agreed that you’re for casual sex, but that doesn’t make you a callous person. If you’ve got the experience, you can teach your fuck buddy Ripon a couple of basic sexual positions. You can start with the simplest—doggy style—and can gradually let first-timers climb the ladder by letting them know some of the difficult ones such as the canoe canoodle (if you happen to know it).

Make them feel comfortable

Now, as you’ve got a rookie bedmate, you can’t expect them to know everything. You’ve to explain them what it’s like to a friend with benefits; however, always remember to do that without sounding condescending. Don’t teach first-time fuck buddies about sex without knowing them fully. It can be a possibility that they must’ve been sleeping with their respective significant others for some time; it’s just their first time as a fuck buddy.

Be honest

You’ve to be honest with your fuck buddies. Try disclosing them about the number of times you’ve had sex. However, ensure that while you have intercourse with your neophyte fuck mates, you need not compare their performance with your previous bedmates—that’ll look gross.

So keep in mind these points before you fuck local girls or guys who happen to be wet behind the ears.

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