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It is time to go through some fascinating facts about sex

Discussing sex interests everyone — whether you are a grown-up hookup fuck buddy, a tweenager, a teenager or an oldster. Grown-ups who get their dose of sex regularly are not that interested in discussing sexual topics. And if you are an adult and think that you know everything, then you will probably reconsider your decision after reading this post.

Fact number 1

It may be surprising for you, but a single cell of sperm contains DNA information that is nearly 37.5 MB in size. That is, whenever a male comes, he is transferring close to 15,875 GB of DNA information. To offer you a perspective, it is similar to ejaculating the amount of data that could be held by 62 MacBook Pros.

Fact number 2

It was circa 2008 when Cyprus’ archaeologists unearthed a lead tablet built in the 7th century. That is not the interesting part — it is yet to come. This tablet had a curse inscribed stating, “May your penis hurt when you make love.” There is absolutely no evidence, however, as to who wrote it in the first place.

Fact number 3

A drop of sperm has a 5-day shelf life when it is present inside a female’s body. That is, a single cell of sperm is capable of fertilising an egg even a few days after it has been released in the vagina. Sperms have a habit of sticking on the upper genital tract or cervical mucus. However, a sperm cell outside the body can last for only few hours.

Fact number 4

It will take only two weeks for every woman to get pregnant on the planet. That is because nearly every male on Earth has the capacity to produce an amount of sperm cells that can impregnate all the fertile females worldwide within two weeks only.

Fact number 5

There was a time when people wanted to refer to “G-spot” as “Whipple Tickle”. And the reason behind thinking to keep this name is simple — the name of the professor who coined this term was Beverley Whipple.

Fact number 6

If you are a web surfer, then you will notice that the internet is a mighty sex jungle. As per a study, more than half of those online are spending their time consuming adult-related content. Today, the internet is teeming with sex toys and pornography — straight, lesbian and gay porn.

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