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Top 2 Ways to Know Whether She’s Faking an Orgasm or Not

You feel that you’re doing great in the bed, but that feeling may be misleading. Sometimes your female hookup fuck buddy may have the habit of sounding as if she’s enjoying sex with you, and that may be a far cry from the truth. Females have this uncanny ability to fake orgasms many a time; and this has been proven by the quote of Sarah Kane which we’ve shared in our previous post.

So the challenge, now, lies in discovering whether or not she’s faking her orgasm with you. However, we, as always, are there to simplify your sexual life and to make it better than before. For this reason, here’s a post that gives the tips to know whether your female fuck buddy is faking her orgasms or not.

She just moans halfheartedly

Ok if she’s moaning (while sex is underway) halfheartedly, she may not be enjoying whatever you’re doing. So the thing is to go deep down in her. If the situation demands, you must give her cunnilingus. Another way of ensuring that she isn’t having a good time with you is by discovering that her after-sex period (say 10 minutes) is spent in the bathroom.

She has multiple orgasms

If your lady has multiple orgasms, it’ll just be a way of preparing herself for the real deal. Women can have multiple orgasms by just imagining about orgasms or re-enacting the process; it’s a bit strange but true as well. What the lady does includes thinking of the way she has had orgasms in the past, and then she’s turned on; during such times, she can have multiple orgasms, too.

So keep these two tips in mind whenever you’re planning to meet a local fuck buddy and to know whether or not she’s having the time of her life with you.

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