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Top 3 reasons why women shouldn’t masturbate much

Hey, please don’t jump the gun by thinking that we’re misogynist and we’re not letting pleasure yourself. Through this post, we’re just stating the experiences that you’ll feel if you won’t masturbate. So let’s read on.

The real thing will be so much better

Whenever you’ll stop playing with yourself, you’ll have the actual opportunity to make beast with two backs. Just imagine how you’ll feel when you’ll play yourself. With masturbating, you’ll meet all your desires halfheartedly. So your desires are met strangely, and that’s why you never experienced the true joy of making love to someone who’s real. So basically you must admit that masturbating will always be less satisfactory than sex.

Having orgasms become quicker and simpler

Many girls satisfy themselves with their own hand and that’s why it takes them longer to have an orgasm the next time when they are having sex with a casual sex buddy. So for this reason, every lady must resist playing with herself so that the sex can become simpler and quicker for you when you are having intercourse with an actual person.

The art of playing with your own self is a tiring one

If you’re into UK cougar dating, you’re a matured lady who’ll doubtlessly get tired easily. And on top of that if you masturbate, you’ll feel pretty tired. So to remain perky, you mustn’t masturbate so frequently.

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