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Here are top 3 ways to have outstanding sex every time

Whether it’s the first time or the hundredth time, sex should be amazing. That is, when you’re rolling in the hay, you should feel a surging sense of pleasure engulfing you; you should roll away feeling incredible and satisfied.

If, however, you aren’t feeling like that, then there’s something seriously wrong with you and your partner, fuckbuddy. And it’s high time you take note of it. Hey, don’t fret as this post carries every single step that’ll let you have mind-blowing sex with your bedmate every time. So let’s begin.

Top three tips to make sex incredible all the time

If you are having a bad time in the bed, then you shouldn’t worry. We all have our share of tough times—but, then, tough times lead to good stuff. So to make sex better, you’ll need dedication, time, and the best tips. We’ve culled out top three tips among a bunch of guidelines that’ll breathe new life into your sex sessions.

Tip number 1: Just chill

This is one of the biggest problems with people who’re beginning their sexual episodes. If you aren’t relaxed, then you can’t perform, mate. It’s as simple as that. So always remember that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a horny fuck buddy if you simply can’t make her go weak in the knees. The bottom line: Just relax and don’t get tensed. Always remember that sex is all about relaxing and enjoying the pleasure-filled moments—it’s never about performance.

Tip number 2: Communication is the key

If you aren’t communicating with your partner, then you can’t exactly make sex stellar. So tell your partner about what you think about the previous night. However, before giving feedback, make sure that it’s always constructive. That means you shouldn’t criticise your partner or compare her with your ex-partners.

Tip number 3: Do intercourse often

Practice makes anyone perfect. Now, if you think that just reading these tips and applying them once in a while make sense, then you’re sadly mistaken. So the fact is that you’ll have to have sex more often. The more you’ll have, the better you’ll get—this is a simple logic. If you don’t have more sex, then you won’t be able to excel at this game of bodies ever.

So here’s where we’ll end this post, readers. If you think that this low-down was good enough, then share it with others. If, however, you’re looking for a bedmate in the first place, then you should sign up on an adult-dating site without ado.

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