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Top 4 tips that’ll put any girl on the bed with you

We’ve seen guys struggling a lot when it comes to banging a girl of their choice. Well, we don’t want you, the reader, be one of such lads. Which is precisely why we’re giving y’all the low-down on the top four ways through which you can impress and, then, fuck any girl you want. Without any further ado, peeps, let’s get down to the deets.

Is it working, huh?

Well, you have to always adjust your plans according to the situation. Yeah, there isn’t any one-deal-fits-all solution when it comes to impressing a girl. If your plan isn’t working, then you have to be man enough to admit your own failure and tweak your plan. However, are you rigid with your sexual plans? If so, then your game of love will never take off.

Show your socialising skills

Women love guys who have the gift of the gab. Yes, seriously. So you have to make sure that you have high-end socializing skills. You should be able to impress the girls with your talks and with your chivalry. You may be looking superhot, but what’s the point if you don’t know how to behave with a girl. So that’s that, man. If you have what it takes to impress the girl with your talks and your mannerism, then you’re all set.

Don’t rush into things

Many guys have this problem; that is, whenever they see a single girl who’s somewhat interested, they just jump on her as if she’s some sort of a prey to them. Well, you don’t have to behave like this if you really want to put the girl on your bed. First, you have to build a type of connection with her. You have to talk to her and have to understand what she likes and hates. Based on such insights, you’ll have to make your next move.

Trust is super important

Are you totally pissed because you just can’t lay your hands on the girl you like? If so, then the reason might be your unreliability. Yes, if a girl thinks that you’re untrustworthy, then she won’t take chances with you. Even a female casual sex buddy is pretty cautious when it comes to making any sort of association—even one-night stand—with the opposite sex.

So you’ve just read top four tips that’ll let you bang any girl you like. Now, did you find this post insightful in any way? If so, do share this with all your single male friends who want to fuck girls for free. Plus, if you have any more tips in this regard, then do drop them through your comments below and enlighten all of us. Happy fucking!

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