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Top 6 Cute Ways To Hi And Stand Out In Front Of Her

Howdy, guys! Or do you like a simple “hi”? Or are you the one who prefers a casual “hey” to get things rolling?

Well, whatever the case may be, it turns out that you actually have a lot of super-cool ways to say hi to your girlfriend or crush.

These ways can be uber creative, so it all depends on your imagination, partner.

If you’re the one who’s struggling with this very thing and want to start your confab smartly, creatively, and confidently, then you’re reading an apt post. Here, we’ll give y’all top six ways to make your hi more impactful and memorable.

So, without wasting even a single moment, people, let’s get down to real business.

Use emojis creatively

All right, with the advent of emojis, communication has doubtlessly become super interactive.

You know, girls like that rosy-cheeked smiley, so you can add that with a simple “Hello,” and that can really kick-start a great and lasting conversation.

Plus, you may even use a couple of emojis that can actually bring a smile to your crush’s or girlfriend’s face. For instance, use those little monkey faces whenever they’re appropriate—they look cutely adorable, yet funny, in every way.

Send a pic—it really works

Have you ever thought of saying hi with your photo? If not, consider it right away—it really works wonders. Just make sure that you send a smiling, happy picture of yours—and behind that photo, type “Hi, dear.”

This is definitely a pretty cool way of saying “Hi” and starting a confab with someone whom you like a lot.

Plus, the receiver will even get to keep your adorable photo. Furthermore, make sure that the photo should be super sexy if the recipient is none other than a fuck buddy.

Videos can make all the difference

You can simply send a video and make all the difference when it comes to saying a simple hi.

This one’s quite similar to sending pictures. In videos, you can actually take the interaction and the quality of your message to a whole new level.

The videos could include you waving or maybe singing one of the romantic numbers. Just make sure that in the video, you look cute and you’re even having fun.

Using cute sayings also works

If your girlfriend or crush likes wordplay, then you can and should use a couple of cute sayings.

In these cases, you should make sure that you use “Hey, hottie.” Or you can even use, “Sup, pretty lady?” Likewise, you may even like to write something like, “Hey, good lookin’.”

These sayings are absolutely timeless classics that won’t let things go old and stale ‘tween you guys.

Saying howdy in another language

Hey, if your crush or girl is from another country, then you should say “Hi” in her native language. For example, if the girl’s from France, then let your tongue say “Hi” in French. Yeah, the effort will be totally worthwhile—trust us.

Plus, she’ll find you all the more adorable because she’ll think that you’ve taken an initiative to find how “Hi” is said in her native language. That’ll even up your chances of taking the relationship to the next level.

Start with a joke

If you’ve got a killer joke that’ll leave them in stitches, guys, then do tell that instead of dropping a plan “Hi.”

You can use those classic knock-knock jokes. Best of all, you can even make your own knock-knock jokes if you’ve got that wit, partner.

Such ways of saying a “Hi” can actually be one of the most creative ways of shooting the shit in style.

What’s more? Well, you can use these ways to say hi and introduce yourself to the horniest hookup fuck buddy nearby.

After going thru this post, partner, you’ll know the art of saying “Hi.” Yeah, believe it or not, saying a simple “Hi” is also an art.

So did you find the post meaningful, champ?

If so, do share it with all your friends who’re looking forward to finding a really imaginative way to say hi to their crush or girlfriend. Cheers!

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