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Top four signs that show a gay is interested in you

It’s sometimes difficult to know whether he’s a gay — and sometimes it’s even more difficult to know whether he’s Interested in you. You ask, “What if a gay is interested in me? How’d I know?” Then here’s the low-down on this, gents. This post will let you know about four of the subtlest signs that gay fuck buddies might send your way if they’re truly interested in hooking up with you. So without any further delay, peeps, let’s get going.

His eyes will speak

Ok, so if a gay is shy but totally besotted with you, then here’s the dope — they’ll let their eyes speak. They’ll ogle you; they’ll notice your each and every movement. Yeah, plus, they’ll even notice the time when you go for lunch or how many times do you go to the washroom. We know it’s kinda weird, but that’s how it works. But, remember, that this technique is usually adopted by shy gays.

He’ll scan you, like, literally

You’ll notice his eyes scanning you from head to toe. Further, the moment you both will talk, he’ll find new ways of making physical contact with you. For instance, while talking to you, he may gently squeeze your arm or grab your hand. That’s how a few gay fuck buddies show their interest in you; this technique is based on the person’s flirtatiousness.

He may get nervous in front of you

A few gays who’re totally into you may get nervous while they’re talking to you. Sometimes, you’ll find a couple of gays and bisexuals who’ll fumble with words while they’re initiating a confab with you. So if the gay keeps on staring at you or if he’s just mumbling his words while speaking to you, it means he may be interested in you.

He wants to know nearly everything about you

He’ll begin with questions such as “How many siblings do you have?” or “Which school did you attend?” He may ask the questions which don’t make so much sense for any normal person. The answers to such questions may interest only to those people who’re infatuated with you.

So, now, you’ve just gone through the top four signs that’ll let you know whether he’s a gay and is interested in you. If, however, you have a few more signs in this regard, then you should share them with all of us. That’s because no gay or bisexual would like to skip the opportunity of getting a great hook-up. If, however, you’d like this post, then you should share it with others and spread the word.

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