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Top four ways to handle your partner who’s having anger issues

Let’s face it that shit happens sometimes in the most amicable relationships. No matter how much strong a bond is, it’ll have its own good and bad days. There’ll be times when you both won’t agree on a few things. At those times, you just don’t have to fight and fuck up everything that’s cool about your relationship. If your partner gets hot under the collar during any disagreement or argument, then you should know these four ways that’ll help you handle him and your relationship better.

If he’s upset, you’ll have to be active

Just get active when your partner storms inside your home or when he’s just super irritated because of something that’s not openly related to you. During such times of crises, you’ll have to make sure that you take him for a walk or you both can hit the gym right away. Yes, going to a gym or for a walk is the perfect way of making the body release endorphins that’ll make you happy.

When he starts yelling, you should walk away

If your partner screams at you for something that ain’t remotely related to you, then you should simply walk out of the room. Just go somewhere for 15 to 20 minutes and spend some time alone. By walking away, your yelling partner will realise that whatever he’s doing won’t help the relationship. And when he’ll come to know that he’s standing alone in the room, then he may even realise that how much foolish he was acting a few minutes ago.

Punching a bag helps

Yeah, it may sound a bit stupid, but this thing helps a lot. Whenever you find your partner getting mad at you or someone else, then you have to just find a bag and punch it hard. This act will surely vent out a lot of your collected frustration at that very moment. Plus, it’s better if your bag bears the brunt of your anger rather than your partner.

Laughing is an apt medicine

Ok, so your partner is talking with you at the top of his lungs. If you know that you aren’t wrong in whatever you guys are discussing and if you don’t want to create a scene, then go to a local comedy store so that you can laugh; you can even watch your favourite comedy flick that’ll make you laugh for sure. Yes, laughing is the best therapy if you have a fight with your boyfriend. Plus, laughter can make you forget all the woes at that very moment.

So these four tips will surely help you even if your fuck buddy in Manchester has a short fuse. If, however, you have a few tried-and-tested tips, then do let us know in your comments below. Happy dating, boys and girls.

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