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Here are the top rules for being a great fuck buddy

So, welcome to the age of hook-ups.

Many men and women want to completely avoid all the hassles and the heavy emotional baggage coming with a full-time relationship. Instead, people are now opting to have a no-strings-attached relationship.

Yeah, the age is of shag buddies, you know. Why’s that? Well, that’s because nothing really beats having guilt-free pleasure; nothing actually matches a relationship where you don’t have to give any commitments whatsoever.

However, before you think of being a fuck buddy, you have to know some ground rules first.

And this is post is dedicated to explaining a couple of rules that’ll let you be one of the greatest fuck buddies of all time. So, without wasting a single moment, guys, let’s get down to the real deal.

Lay the ground rules early on

All right, the law of the land should be very clear from the word go. Do you really want her to know whether or not you’ve slept with someone else? Or are you sticking to a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy? Whatever the case may be, you should stick to the policy you’ve decided from the beginning to the end, no matter what happens.

Plus, even decide from the very beginning that it’ll be a no-strings-attached thing. All of these rules will prevent the future of the relationship from getting all messed up.

Feelings? Ah, just forget about these things

A fuck buddy should be a just a friend with a truckload of benefits. And when you’re a friend who’s bringing a lot of bedtime benefits, you’re not thinking about feelings for pity’s sake.

All those fuzzy, romantic, cute feelings that you may have bubbling up inside you should be tossed right away.

The moment you think that you’re consumed with similar emotions, there’s no turning back no matter what. Before you know that, you’ll be washing her dishes and may even be shopping those corny heart-shaped cookies no matter how much you hate them in reality.

And, we know, it can be a tad difficult to differentiate between a pro sex buddy and a great relationship potential.

So to not confuse the two categories, you should remind yourself every day that she’s just a sex doll for you; every day, you should refresh your sense for your mission—to fuck girls for free.

Don’t ever mix your friends

Don’t ever let your friends party with your fuck buddy. Why? Simply because the last thing you’ll ever want is that your best buddy getting involved with someone who’ll exit your life forever in a few days.

You may completely understand your own situation, but your friends might not get the real deal. In that case, you should avoid letting your friends mix up with your friend with benefits.

Plus, sometimes, your friends even act as a liaison between you and your fuck buddy; in such a case, they can even throw that dreaded question toward you asking, “So, aren’t you guys planning anything serious?

So make sure you keep reminding yourself—sex’s cool, and relationships are bad. Have a nice day!

Movies? Candlelit dinners? Kidding us?

One rule of being a pro fuck buddy of today: Just limit your communication or interaction once you step outside the bedroom. Fuck that movie plan or that candlelit-dinner idea you might be having in your head.

These things sound alright if you’re planning a wedding, but if you just want to be a plain-old bedmate, then you have to screw all those plans to a tee.

If you get stuck in situations like these, then your no-strings-attached relationship will soon be staring down the barrel of a loaded semi-shotgun, homie.

Just make sure that she’s your sex buddy, and that’s that. Sure, you can joke and chat—but if anything pushes your relationship towards becoming serious, then it ain’t good.

So these are the top rules that you should keep in mind if you went to become one of the most respected fuck buddies of all time. Plus, did we miss anything, partner? If so, do drop all the extra points for us and your fellow readers. Last, we’ll need a favour from you. So that favour will require you to share this piece if you found it interesting or insightful in any way. Sayonara.

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