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Top signs that show your best friend forever is a . . . lesbian!

So you’ve got a girlfriend who, you think, have some ulterior motives when it comes to your friendship with her. Well, in the most blatant language, you think that she’s a lesbian.

But you don’t have the guts to ask her this question. Plus, you’re not even sure about this all lesbian shebang going on in the first place. Which is why, we’re going to give you all the top signs that’ll clearly show that your best friend forever is nothing but a lesbian.

So without ado, peeps, let’s get down to the real deal.

She’s just into you

You’d know exactly how it always feels when you’ve got a girlfriend who behaves like a school girl having a secret crush on someone.

But, hey, are you missing that secret crush part? Maybe you’re her crush because she simply loves hanging out with you—plus, she can’t even seem to do any damn thing without you.

Yeah, she wants you for the dinner, lunch, and breakfast; in short, she wants you 24 × 7. And her behaviour sometimes gives you the jitters, too. So if that’s the case, lady, your BFF may be a lesbian who’s head over heels for you.

She praises you a lot

She’s too much optimistic when you’re being discussed. Soon, you and your other friends will start noticing that her optimism for you has become pathological. And that’s what’ll start making you downright uncomfortable at some moments.

And, sometimes, she’ll even drop comments like, “You’ve got the nicest ass or the biggest boobs in the neighbourhood, dearie.”

Well, if you’re receiving such sort of “compliments,” then you have to know that your girlfriend is everything but straight.

She may even pretend that she’s straight

Your friend will sometimes make up pretty ridiculous date stories with men whom you haven’t seen even once. Why’ll she do that?

Well, to just let you know that she’s straight—while, secretly, she’ll nurture the strong lusty feels for you, honey. That’s her story.

Plus, if the girl is just talking casual sex with you every time you both hang out, then she’s not just a lesbian but even a casual fuck buddy for you.

She’ll de-friend you super quickly

If your friend is a lesbian and you’ve found a date, she’ll de-friend you at that very moment. Yeah, we know it’s kind of weird—but it’s true all the same. However, she’ll be elated and will be your cheerleader if you dump your friends—even the male ones—just for her.

So the top signal—according to us—is this one only: As she’s a lady-lover, she won’t be interested in knowing your date and your love life and will even unfriend you from those goddamn social networks till the time you don’t dump your boyfriend.

She’s cross with every guy whom you find cute

If your girlfriend finds wrong in every single guy whom can possibly be your crush, then there’s amiss with her only.

Everyone’s carrying baggage with them, so you may think that she must’ve had a bad past with guys; and that’s precisely what fuels her misandry—that’s what encourages her to find lesbian buddies.

But that’s the case because she doesn’t really seem to have any specific problem with men; instead, she’s just got a battle with all those guys whom you find cute.

She wants to be alone with you

You’ll notice that she’s quite gung-ho about planning outings with you. She likes partying with you, but her mood becomes quite gloomy the moment you ask her if one of her friends can join the social gathering.

It may be because she’s completely jealous to share you with anyone else—yeah, even girls. She’ll always insist that you both go alone and spend some quality time together. And if you happen to bring along someone else, she’ll act stupid and won’t talk with anyone—not even you.

So here’s where we’ll end the post, people. Now, after going through all these tips, you’ll come to know whether your girlfriend is lesbian or straight. And if you’ve got any other tips in this regard, then do drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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