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Top sneaky ways to know that the girl has the hots for you

Let’s admit that it’s sodding tough to know if the girl whom you’re hanging out with or whom you see occasionally near the water cooler is sexually interested in you. If you’re in that predicament, here’s your perfect guide—a list of subtle signs that tell whether she’d like to be your fuck buddy or not.

She ogles at you for long every time you bump into her.

Ok, if that’s the case, she’s infatuated and, maybe, she wants to test the capacity of your manhood as well. Many girls believe in doing eye sex; that is, they’ll gaze lustfully at you. Plus, you’ll note that she keeps on stealing one or two seductive glances at you. (In short, she is yearning to be your fuck buddy Londonderry.)

She’s a big flirt.

She’ll message you late at night, and she’ll flirt with you. Also, she can indulge in dirty talks as soon as you drop the first hint of willingness to such confabs. Plus, you’d also notice that she’ll tease you during those exchanges (happening through messages or calls) even if you’re being just friendly.

She’ll find ways (or excuses) to feel you.

Ok, she can shake hands and can even rest her arms on your shoulders; there’s absolutely nothing to get excited about if such things transpire. However, when she touches your privates (even subtly or making it show downright accidental), you’ve got all the reasons to smile and, ahem, thump the pump.

Her compliments, sometimes, feel unreal.

If she compliments you even if you’re having a bloody bad hair day, it’s best to presume that she’s interested in you. (However, her interest can be either love or lust or both as well.) And check whether her compliments are kinkier than usual or not. If they are, you’re ready to add another notch on your belt.

So you’ve just read the most prominent telltale signs that can assure you that she might be interested to take a mouthful of your cum. Note: These tips are applicable to a lesbian fuck buddy, too.

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