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Top three untold relationship rules that every couple should follow by the book

Relationships come with a set of well-defined rules — you’ll have to hew to them for making it successful. But many a time, a relationship may have a group of unspoken rules that make it beautiful. And many don’t even know about those unspoken rules and the undrawn lines between the partners. Maybe that’s why we’ve dedicated this post to exploring such unheard, unspoken, untold rules. So without wasting time, people, let’s get going.

Why are the untold rules in a relationship essential?

These untold rules in a relationship will help you both endure the most hostile, nuclear arguments coming from a bit of transgression. The honeymoon stage in any relationship blinds even the most logical couples into thinking that they both are made for each other, come what may. In this phase, partners overlook each other’s mistakes. But it’s advisable to use such phases for defining a relationship’s unspoken rules so that the association lasts long and weathers even the most horrific misunderstandings. So before the honeymoon phase ends, define these unspoken rules with your local root buddies. That’s because once this honeymoon period ends, you’ll notice small misunderstandings turning into big fights.

Now, let’s go ahead with understanding these unspoken rules.

The unspoken rules

Wish good morning and goodnight

Ok, you may think it as a needless addition to your morning and nightly rituals — but it ain’t that tough, is it? No. So we’ll suggest you to always say good morning to your partner. If she isn’t living with you, you may drop a message for her with a couple of happy, smiling emoticons. Plus, if you can, then morning and night calls won’t hurt much — rather, it’ll look romantic and caring.

Keep them posted

This is a very good thing to do — but if done in access, then it may irk your partner. Which is why, it’d better if you could update her about your whereabouts once a day. And this update doesn’t have to come through a message or a WhatsApp. Instead, take out some free time and call her. A couple of minutes spend talking to your partner won’t make much of a difference in either your or her schedule.

Acknowledge your anniversary

Whether it’s a one-moth milestone or a one-year anniversary, never make light of these important dates. Showing consistent forgetfulness of an anniversary will be of no help; it’ll be as bad as forgetting someone’s birthday. So acknowledge such anniversaries or important dates by planning a rendezvous with your partner or by giving her a gift.

Now, you’ve just gone through the top three unspoken rules of making a relationship successful. If you have any more of such rules that we may have skipped in this post, then sound off about them through your comments below.

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